10 Basic Guidelines on Selling Your Home

Selling your home is more complex than hanging a “For Sale” sign outside your home. It requires a lot of paperwork, legal matters, and sound decisions. Consider this as selling your home 101.


Here are 10 basic guidelines for selling your home:

Decide. Are you ready to sell your home? This is the initial, most important decision you have to make; setting aside your emotional attachment to the property. You have to consider what the real estate market looks like and the possibility of finding a new home right after you sell your house.

2. Hire a listing or selling real estate agent. This is the best thing to do especially when it is the first time you will sell your home. A real estate agent represents you on buying or selling your property; this means they mostly do the legwork – by helping you determine the price of your property, giving you a property disclosure form, responsible for marketing your home, adding your home in the MLS, placing a for sale sign in front of your house, coordinate with showings and visits of potential buyers, presenting offers and negotiates with buyers, handle the legal contracts to be signed and closes the deal.

3. Know your price. Never overprice or underprice. The location and features of your home will define the price of your home in the market. Of course, you will need professional help from a real estate agent to make sure if it the right time to sell your property or how the agent can sell your property depending on the real estate market.

4. Prepare to sign an agreement with your real estate agent. This is to prove your good faith in the real estate agent’s hands and his or her abilities.

5. Participate in marketing your home. Don’t let your realtor do all the work…Get along with social media! Take those pictures and give it an eye-catching caption and the correct hashtags for people to get interested in your home.

6. Tidy up! We don’t want a messy first impression for our potential buyers during a showing. Remove all unnecessary stuff and personal pictures so that they can visualize their future in your home.

7. Negotiations. Your listing agent will auction your property and be the mediator to negotiations between the buyer, and the buyer’s agent. Once both parties are in mutual understanding on the numbers, the buyer then will give a deposit called the “Earnest Money Deposit’’. This is a non-refundable deposit given by the buyer to show their good faith in buying the property.

8. When both parties process the papers and the payment with the bank or lender, this is where the whole action is. In this phase, all contracts and legal parameters should be met accordingly.

9. Seal the deal. When everything is flowing according to plan, you finally hand over the keys and the legal rights of your property in exchange for the payment from the buyer.

10. Before anything else, you should know that who you work with matters. We all want to sell your homes at top-dollar. Make sure that your real estate agent knows the selling process by heart as well as a keen eye on the market. Nexus Realty International breeds the finest real estate experts in the state of Washington. Make sure you are getting what you are worth.

We wish we can tell you more about how we do business. Please visit our website www.mynexusrealty.com and speak with an agent now to get started.

Remember, who you work with matters.

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