Commission Plan

At Nexus Realty we also offer 100% commission model, which includes:

  • $149/mo. Desk Fee
  • $299 Transaction Fee*
  • IDX Enabled Website Provided
  • Transaction Compliant Software that is paperless, again allowing you to be more mobile.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance is included
  • No franchise fees
  • No Realtor dues
  • Direct deposit of your commission
  • Eligibility to hire your own virtual assistant at a discounted rate from our sister company Virtudesk. (

Even if you have years of experience as a real estate professional, we know that there are certain things you are looking for from your company.  Many veteran real estate agents love Nexus Realty for reduced overhead, our cutting edge technology, access to managers and our Class A office located in Kirkland, among other great benefits.  Some additional reasons why our brokers love Nexus Realty.

The Broker Advantage

Professional Marketing Videos

People do business with those that they KNOW, LIKE, & Trust. Creating videos is an easy way for your leads to get to know you and like you. It is also an easy way for you to set yourself apart from those sending leads all the spam emails soliciting for their business. Don’t know what to say on the videos? We provide monthly marketing content for you to use so you can become a TRUSTED expert in the real estate industry. Terrified to speak in front of a camera? We also have weekly marketing videos that are highly engaging and entertaining to use on your favorite social media channel. Keeping you top of mind.

You Deserve More

You give 100% to your clients and that effort should be matched 100% by your real estate brokerage. Most real estate brokerages take 20-50% of your commissions upon a successfully closed transaction. If you believe that you could reinvest that 20-50% back into your business for greater results, then partner with Nexus Realty where you keep 100% of your real estate commissions.
If you give 100% to your clients, then join a brokerage that gives 100% to you and watch your production levels take off.

Strong Broker Support

Nexus Realty prides itself on a very strong broker support culture. If protecting your client’s best interests is a priority to you then you should consider joining a real estate brokerage run by a designated broker with intimate knowledge of the laws surrounding a real estate transaction, short sales, and other nuances of the industry.

Freedom to Market

At Nexus Realty we have a business culture that reflects independence, and wide-open space and freedom to self-direct your Real Estate Business without limits. Nexus Realty provides a strong broker support with your freedom to take your business in any direction you choose. To be a top producer, you must be confident, know how to communicate professionally, generate leads, make contacts, be quick to respond, be accountable and collaborate with others. The market has been very strong, giving you an opportunity to increase your sales transactions and earn more income then you have in years!

Complimentary Tech-Package

Join Nexus Realty and receive a personal website that is NWMLS IDX enabled, a complimentary CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, and OneChimp (Transaction Compliant Software that is paperless, allowing you to be more mobile).

Training & Education

Join us for one of many educational events and stay at the top of your game.