In this fast-paced way of life nowadays, and you’re currently at the state of wanting to sell your home. Why not start by making it as your stress reliever? The logic and psychological fact behind this is that if it will happen to be effective to you then why wouldn’t it be to other people, right? It is very difficult to balance the weight or gravity of things, even emotions, and feelings. Claiming yourself to be on the spotlight of being an official seller these difficulties are your keys to the VIP lounge.

Not everyone pays attention to this, but a home’s interior and exterior painting plays a very big role to your house. Even psychologists say colors paint our moods and emotions, and it is called the color psychology. These hues make our life, as cliché as it seems, colorful. Good news is no one has to know all of what a colors capability is, knowing it by heart and by your personal experiences is already enough.

Painting is an art but if you’re looking forward to selling it there are actually some Do’s and Don’ts. Facts are some points that you can rely on where you can never go wrong. Did you know that out of 32,000 homes listed for sale and got sold online half of them has the colored blue on either interior or exterior. Yes, this is true.

Blue has been found to really calming and it demonstrates a strong personality. An economist once said, “Painting walls in fresh, natural-looking colors, particularly in shades of blue and pale gray not only make a home feel larger, but also are neutral enough to help future buyers envision themselves living in the space.”  Now don’t be so in-favor with blue all ready, maximize your options there are still a lot to choose from. Nevertheless, yes there is a color that we can advise you not to color your house’s exterior with.

Painting your home brown on the outside won’t be a good idea; online home buying deals found that home’s painted with the color brown spends more time being posted rather than being inquired. Honestly the color blue is making it big in the real estate industry. In addition, brown has been found to be boring in nature.

Now let’s talk about the kitchen, this particular spot of the house where we normally find or remember our mothers, blue may sound really masculine in gender, but kitchen tables are found to look good in the shade of the color blue it gives an oddly appetizing kind of vibes. On top of that, these kitchens are sold for a $1,809 premium. Really something to consider right?

About those bathrooms, in this generation most of us are known to the idea of painting them white, we’ve all seen horror movies and I bet that the color of the bathroom in the last one you saw is the color that we’re talking about. Kidding aside, white bathrooms has been found to look pale and not very boosting in nature, why not try something livelier. For a fact, Homes with light powder blue or periwinkle bathrooms sold for $5,400 more than their plain white counterparts. That’s a pretty impressive return on a cheap upgrade that you can complete in an afternoon.

When choosing the right paint for your home, do not shy away from colors. You can demystify the color hues to blend with your personality and taste or style. Take time in picking the right palette for your home, at present you may want to paint your home based on that personality. However, when you try to market or sell your home, you may also want to consider changing or upgrading the paint into something neutral so that prospective buyers may want to check your home once it is for sale in the market.

With this being said, colors or paint can really be a driving factor towards what we wanted to feel, what we wanted to be or what we want to achieve. This is the Philosophy of PAINT, the logical and creative thinking that creates a stimulus that tickles our perception of what we want to be is being represented by the colors we wear, the colors we drive or the color of our HOME.