Being a family man with kids growing up so fast and looking ahead to the future, one truly is considering buying a perfect home. It is always good to come to a house that you can call your own. But, how does one find a house to be called a perfect home?

Know your priorities. Before looking at houses and places wanted to live in, it is important to look at priorities with the location we are in. Mainly these are schools, church & hospitals, these are the things we would prioritize before looking at any houses available in the market. But of course, some people may have other things to consider and maybe some more. What’s more important to think of are the PRIORITIES one currently and will have soon before looking at those beautiful-soon-to be-mine/yours dream house.

Determine what you can pay. Assuming that you already know your regular monthly budget and expenses, also consider the additional finances of buying the perfect home. There are ways on how one can avail that perfect cul-de-sac, however, it is important to think about the cash flow of one’s household have and consider the limit of up to how much can one adjust to make ends meet with the current expenses and the upcoming finances from the purchase of the perfect home.

Bigger isn’t always better. Most people overlook the fact that a big house is always better. Yes, it may be the case if you have that much money to spare to purchase that 5-bedroom house or a property with a 4-car garage or what you have. The best option to consider is remodeling. When starting to fall in love at a house, consider the add-ons that you might need to build in the future. Currently, you may only have 1 car, but no one can predict that you may need to have another car in the next 3 or 5 years, and that means you need another garage. Remodeling your current one car garage might be your solution when that time comes. But for now, while looking at your house options do not forget to imagine what you might need to remodel for the next 5 or 10 years.

Location. Your perfect home may have been the most beautiful cul-de-sac, but it takes a long drive to go to school, to the office or to church. Your dream house might have that awesome pool, but the neighborhood may be somewhat not perfect for a night swim. As mentioned above, location is as important as those of your priorities. Is it located or near your most important activity/activities of the day? Do this, by mapping your day and planning your drives or travel, make sure that your perfect house is located or near where your priorities are.

The right person for the job. You have now completed your checklist and a step away from getting that dream house; priorities are clear, finances are balanced, you have a picture of what your perfect house looks like and where you want to live for the next 10-20 years. In order for this perfect plan to turn into a perfect home, look for the right person to get the job done and help you out it making this dream come true. Screen & Hire the right fit of an agent who will hold your option limited to your best interests, for the sake of a wonderful journey of acquiring the perfect house you can always call your HOME.