As a home seller, there are a lot of factors to consider when being worried about what issue may come during the process. Mainly these factors are pricing, condition, competition, and timing. These factors are commonly called the “Deal breakers”. Here we’ll talk about how sellers can overcome these factors as soon as they get to encounter them.


As a home seller, pricing your home too high somehow brings up the risk of you being on a small range buyer’s pool. On the other hand, pricing your property too low might give home buyers an idea that there might be something wrong with the home that there checking; even though there might be nothing wrong with it. The key here is to get a market analysis and have a background check of what criteria does property fall to be considered as a well-priced home.



First impressions last, and we need to keep that in mind. Most buyers create their decision within the first 15mins that they’re inside a listed property. Now we’ve all seen a house that we can say it needs renovation; however, few tend to recognize what area requires attention and effort.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Know where to renovate and determine whether stepping on the pedal to renovation will increase the value of the property. In this way, you’ll be able to not just receive a great feedback from your buyer but also get the money that you spent for renovation back into your pocket.
  2. Landscaping – Why is landscaping important? According to Land.con LTD (a landscaping company) properties with beautiful landscaping increase its market value by more than 20% above others.
  3. Redecorating – aside from keeping your home clean and smelling good try giving it some personal touches that you consider calming to you. For example, If you’ve painted in neutral tones, add touches of color with accessories, place fresh flowers where they’ll stand out. Some things like that.
  4. Check the condition of the exterior paint, lawn and landscaping, front door (check the hardware and doorknob), the driveway, a pool if you have one, and even the mailbox. If any of it appears neglected, damaged, dingy, or in disarray, do something about it or you’ll drive buyers away before they even park their car. As a home seller, these tips are proven to lessen your chance of shouldering repair cost after several inspections.


In the statistical section of the Real estate industry, surveys have repeatedly found that neighborhood quality is the most important reason why home buyers choose where to live. Therefore, it’s crucial to highlight what your community could offer like proximity to quality schools, restaurants, shopping, local parks, and attractions, as well as other benefits that impact lifestyle. If it’s possible for you to check with your buyer how near your home is to wherever his/her work office is, that way you may address something to it in the earliest time possible.


The real-estate market often shifts from month to month and this is something that even market experts cannot manipulate. A resolution to this factor has always been considering what are the chances that a seller tends to collaborate on why their properties get sold during the said season as well as pricing and marketing strategies. Statistics can show you odds and you have the option to either still join the wave or settle down for the meantime.

As a home seller, you need to understand that potential home buyers will also be checking nearby competitors. Factors that they’ll be considering are the price, the condition and the location of the property. Selling real estate can be tough but stepping up your game will definitely give you and your home a boost towards the closing stage.