There’s more to Seattle than Coffee…

Whenever I think of Seattle, almost instantaneously only one thing comes to mind, and that is none other than Coffee. Which got me thinking, is there anything more to this place than its world celebrated coffee and coffee shops. While we all know for a fact that Seattle indeed has the best largely franchised coffee shops in the world, I believe that there’s something way beyond the superficial with this place.


Travel and leisure

Of course, one of the main reasons we visit a place is to indulge in the sights, sounds and tastes it can offer, and Seattle is no exception. With the finest combination of metropolitan cocktail bars, excellent seafood, and coastal destinations, it may be worth your while to rent a car if your flying in, as Seattle’s neighborhoods are a bit spread out.

  1. When in Seattle, let’s start off with its finest and most prominent attraction, the Space Needle. Seattle’s signature landmark and observation tower were built for the 1962 World’s Fair. This structure draws a crowd of over 2.3 Million guests annually, and close to 20,000 people use its elevators on a daily basis. The floor is a revolving restaurant, providing you with a spectacular view of the Seattle skyline. On a clear day, you can clear see the Olympic Mountain range.

2. You may also want to consider walking the waterfront. The Seattle Aquarium was opened in 1977and was built on pier 59. It’s home to harbor seals, sea otters, and an underwater glass dome. The aquarium encourages marine preservation and educates over 800,000 guests each year, including 50,000 students, to understand about their impacts on marine life. It also conducts research on marine life and ecosystems.

3.  If you’re not afraid of heights, jump in and take a ride on the iconic Seattle Great Wheel on pier 57, which extends to Elliot bay. Its VIP gondolas’ leather seats and glass floor provides an amazing view of the city. Peaking at a total of 175 feet (53.3 m), it was the tallest Ferris wheel on the West Coast of the United States when it opened on June 29, 2012.


4. After your ride, stroll along the Waterfront Park for sights of West Seattle, the ferries, and the city skyline. The Washington State Ferries is the largest fleet in the United States. The agency maintains a fleet of 24 vessels crosses Puget Sound and its inland waterways, serving eight counties within Washington and British Columbia. Carrying 24.2 million passengers as of 2016, it is the fourth-largest ferry system in the world.


5. And of course, no trip is complete without a visit to the Pike Market place. The signature fish toss began as a faster way to serve patrons. The Starbucks in the market is one of the chain’s oldest in operation. There’s a variety of restaurants and cocktail bars on your way back to the hotel.


5. Another tourist attraction is the Ballard Locks. It’s a complex of locks at the west end of Salmon Bay in Seattle, Washington’s Lake Washington Ship Canal, between the areas of Ballard to the north and Magnolia to the south. The Ballard Locks brings in more boat traffic than any other lock in the US, and the Locks, along with the fish ladder and the nearby Carl S. English Jr. Botanical Gardens draws in more than one million guests annually, making it one of Seattle’s top tourist destinations.


So, whether you’re just visiting or settling in Seattle for good, there’s an abundance of attractions and hidden gems waiting to be discovered all over city.

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