You’ve spent hours and hours looking for the perfect home, made offers left and right, got your loan approved, negotiated back and forth, and finally settled on an agreement. A couple of signatures here and there, a few fund transfers, and that’s it. Celebrations all around because you are now a proud homeowner! The only thing left to do is to actually move in into the home, and start living the American Dream.

Or so you think.

Let’s back track just a little bit, and go through some of the things you still need to take on after closing on your dream home.

Make copies of all the important documents

You should keep several copies of these documents for the future. These will be vital for when tax deductions and estate taxes are conducted. It’s best practice to keep the original files in a secure location – protected from possible flooding or fire – and have the duplicated on hand for easy access. And with the technology now, you can even have them safely saved in your hard drive or cloud storage for a paperless catalogue.

Set up the utilities

Ideally, as of closing, the seller should have paid in full the previous balances of the utilities. If this is the case, all you have to do is contact your providers, and request for transfer of services to the new address. Follow up and double-check that the utilities have indeed been turned on and under your name. These can include gas, electric, water, cable, phone, and internet.

Update mailing address

Don’t forget to inform significant people and establishments about the recent changes in your mailing or billing address. For example, the postal service must be informed of this development so that your mails and packages may be forwarded to your current location. You also need to advise your employer, financial institutions, and loan companies so that they can make the necessary adjustments on your profile.

Hire professionals to deep clean the home

Although it seemed pristine during your final walkthrough, you can never really tell if the seller actually did his/her part of deep cleaning the entire household. It’s highly recommended to hire professionals to “do the dirty job” on your behalf. Go for a fresh coat of paint too! Completing the deep cleaning BEFORE moving in your appliances and furniture will save you hundreds of dollars.

Change the locks throughout the house

This is probably the most obvious step to take once your dream home has been turned over to you. With the many people involved in the home buying/home selling process, it’s certain that these individuals have had a copy of your keys at some point in the transaction. So unless you’re buying a brand new house from a builder, investing a few hundred dollars on locks is the best approach for peace of mind, safety, and security.

Put home security in place

Take your safety a step further with your own home security. This can be as simple as reaching out to the provider to help you set it up since most houses come with their own system. With technology’s rapid advancement, homeowners can only expect better home security designs to be implemented. It’s been a constant, popular feature for home buyers everywhere. On average, monthly fees can go up to $ 200.

Home maintenance

It is greatly advisable to create a checklist of maintenance you’d have to perform in order to preserve your dream home for the years to come. Categorize them into weekly, monthly, seasonal, and annual maintenance so that it would be easier to manage the tasks. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help if you feel the need for it. By regularly investing on your home, you’re adding value to it in the long run.

Get to know the neighborhood/community

Bake some cookies, go door-to-door, and socialize with your neighbors. Don’t just make small talk, make an actual effort to get to know them. This in turn will allow you to get closer to the community as a whole, and be up to date with the events happening all year round. In addition, it’s never a bad thing to have people looking out for you in case of an emergency.

Share the joy with family and friends

Finally, let your family and friends join in on your happiness by letting them know of your success. Send out invitations, and host a party at your new house. Eat, drink, and make wonderful memories. After months and months of working hard on your dream home, you deserve this break! Nothing beats having the people you love under the same roof – making you feel just as loved.

With all of these out of the way, you can now truly celebrate. You can now bask in the life of a content, accomplished homeowner!