Why Real Estate in Washington blooms during Spring time?

The sunshine glows so warm and bright, all the leaves are green, the sky is blue and clear,  and all the flowers bloom. Hello Spring!

Seattle, Washington is indeed pure bliss during Springtime. Whether visiting the Cherry blossoms at the University of Washington, go to see and experience the wonderful scenery of the Green Lake Park, or to hit the Irish Festival where Irish music, singing, dancing, films, vendors, and children’s activities awaits you, it is indeed the best time of the year to visit and the perfect destination for a spring break vacation.

They say that Spring is also the hottest time for Real Estate in Seattle, Washington. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, there is no better time to buy or sell a property than in Spring Time.

And here are some of the reasons why:

*As spring approaches, nothing can be more appealing to potential buyers than that of a house where the sunshine gleams and flowers abloom. Making the home more fun and inviting like a breath of fresh air. It is indeed the perfect time for families to start house hunting.

*A shift in weather. Throughout the winter season, people hate being outdoors and would rather stay at home since the weather is not ideal to go out, the reason why real estate becomes much more appealing as the weather warms up in Spring. People are spending most of their time outside because of a wonderful weather, which gives more time for potential buyers to look and inspect for an open house.

*Also, sellers tend to repair their house after a devastating winter, from cleaning the fireplace, checking and repairing the plumbing pipes to inspecting the roof, these are very important factors to consider in making the property more updated and fascinating to potential buyers in order to lead for a successful sale.

*People tend to have better finances during Spring time because of the expenses are on the decline and they are able to claim their tax refunds, making Buyers to have more money in order to finance or invest for the property during that season.

*Property listings. It is likely that there are many homes to choose from on the market and also, more buyers looking for more options, hence making Springtime to be the busiest and most competing season to purchase a property.

*People, especially with kids, tends to choose Springtime when looking for a house or moving to a newly purchased property because not only will it prevent them from all the hassle, but also, it is the optimal time for them to move right after schools are finished and for them to get ready for a new school.

So what do you think? Is real estate really blooming during  Springtime in Seattle and is it the best time to buy or sell a house? Share with us your thoughts. 🙂

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